2022 Price List

Technology Support Service Rates

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Monthly Price

$50 / workstation
$100 / server
$10 / spare

Hourly Rate

$144 / hour (after accrued hours)

Plan Includes:

  1. 90-minute annual business planning consultation.
  2. Remote agent, system inventory, & reporting.
  3. For each workstation, the first hour of remote support per year is included. Support credit accrues at rate of 5 minutes per month.
  4. For each server, the first two hours of remote support per year is included. Support credit accrues at rate of 10 minutes per month.
  5. Anti-Virus software subscription & monitoring.
  6. Hardware monitoring.
  7. Windows updates management.
  8. Automated remediation of many operating system and software-related problems.
  9. Local or cloud backup solution, management, & support for 1 computer or online account.
  10. Password manager subscription for first 2 users.
  11. Server backup monitoring (backup solution sold separately).
  12. Minimum remote or phone support appointment reduced from 30-minutes to 5-minutes.
  13. Hourly rate discounted up to 20% for all other support & projects exceeding the included hours.

3 Years


Call 855-520-5200 for a Quote

Plan Includes
• Includes up to 2 hours of support per computer per month.  Support hours do not rollover each month.


3 Years



No long-term commitment



40 Hours

• Block of hours purchased in advance and applied to future service.
• Hours never expire.

General Support Terms & Conditions

1. Appointments scheduled on a first-come, first served basis. It is always recommended to schedule appointments by calling (855) 520-5200.
2. 1-hour minimum charge for each on-site visit.
3. 30-minute minimum charge for remote or phone support for hourly or block time support.
4. Our general business hours are Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm, excluding major holidays.
4. All work performed outside of normal business hours, on weekends, or holidays is charged at time and a half.

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