Gravity IT Support Plans

Proactive, consistent managed service

is the key to effective technology use, but many small businesses can’t afford an in-house IT team and feel priced out of large company support plans. This is where we come in - Gravity IT Solutions is designed for the small business owner who needs effective IT solutions and managed plans. We provide quick responses within the confines of a reasonable budget.

Our monthly IT managed service plans

start as low as $25/month, and we have three levels of support for your business, depending on your needs and the size of your organization. We minimize downtime from major computer problems by pro-actively maintaining your computers, providing remote or phone support for immediate help, and on-site service whenever it is needed.

Control your IT budget

with a plan that fits your needs - from unlimited remote support to unlimited phone support or on-site support for a set monthly price. Our Service Response Time Guarantee ensures that all covered problems are resolved in a timely fashion. Directly access North American phone support anytime through the Help Desk Support Service.

Our package specifics

can be customized for your business.  Call us at (855) 520-5200 to schedule a consultation to discuss your business needs. We will find a solution that keeps your business running smoothly and your monthly service budget under control.

Here are some of the services our plans cover:

  • Friendly, capable, and efficient tech support
  • Hardware and software inventory, including software product keys, for each computer system
  • Hardware and software update management and recommendations
  • Phone and Internet support
  • Pro-active monitoring of your computers and automatic support ticket generation for high priority problems
  • Automatic resolution of many computer issues
  • Unlimited 24/7 phone and remote support
  • Periodic reviews to discuss long-term IT strategies
  • Service Response Time Guarantee

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