Welcome to your GoToConnect Phone System

A new phone extension and voicemail on the GoToConnect phone system have been created for you. This page is to provide basic setup and usage information about the phone system.
GoToConnect is a flexible voice-over-IP, or VoIP for short, that allows users to access the phone system from a desk phone, desktop app installed on a computer, most web browsers, or a smart phone application.
Please note that GoToConnect was formerly called Jive so may see references to either name in the documentation.
To get started we recommend completing the following 3 steps that typically takes less than 15 minutes.

Using Quickbooks

Using a Desk Phone

Because we recommend that heavy phone users use the system from a desk phone or the computer-based desktop application, this document focuses on how to do most tasks from a desk phone. The LCD display and phone menus make the system relatively easy to use.

Desk phones should be ready to make and receive calls once they are plugged into the network, powered on, and have completed the initial boot process. We most commonly recommend the Yealink T42S desk phone so these instructions will be easy to follow if that is the model you have. If you are using a different phone, a link is provided below to find help for your specific phone.

1. Set up your Voicemail

From your desk phone, hit the voicemail button.  On most phones the button has an envelope icon. Follow the voice prompts to set up your voice mailbox. Visit How do I set up my email notifications and other voicemail options? for more detailed instructions.

2. Set up your Online Account

Look out for an email from GoToConnect about your account. Follow the instructions in the email to create an account password. The password will be used to login to the various GoToConnect applications. If you can’t find the email and need it to be resent, contact your phone system administrator.

3. Install the GoToConnect App

The GoToConnect app can usually be found on the app store for your device. If you plan to use the system from a device other than a desk phone, visit the How do I download and install the GoToConnect app? page. You will find the download links and detailed instructions for installing the app on a PC, Mac, and/or smart device. You’ll also find info about the various web browser plugins.

Using Quickbooks

Detailed Documentation

Yealink T42S Quick Start Guide – A basic overview of the Yealink T42S desk phone.

GoToConnect Yealink T42S Phone User Guide– Detailed instructions on using the Yealink T42S phone with the GoToConnect phone system.

GoToConnect Phone Guides – Find detailed instructions to use one of the many compatible phones with the GoToConnect phone system.

Download GoToConnect apps – Download the app for your PC, Mac, browser, or smart devices.

What’s the new softphone experience – The desktop softphone you can use from your computer.

GoToConnect End User Support Portal – Search for help on all things related to the Jive phone system.

GoToConnect Training YouTube Channel – Watch training videos on different phone features on the GoToConnect YouTube channel.

What integrations are supported? – Learn about the various integrations that can make using GoToConnect as your phone system even better.


Please contact your phone system administrator(s) if you have any questions. They helped design your phone system and completed more detailed training on how to use GoToConnect. They are also able to escalate issues that require additional support to GoToConnect support or our support team.
We hope you enjoy using the phone system.